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Marietta RooferProper care and maintenance of a roof is essential to ensure its longevity. Care of a roof includes removal of dirt, debris and snow from its surface from time to time. A careful inspection of the roof is warranted periodically and an internal inspection of the wall and the attic close to the roof is required more frequently. Besides personal inspection by the Marietta homeowner, it is also advised to consult a professional Marietta roofer from time to time in case the occurrences of a leak and such symptoms are reported frequently.

An average roof under normal stress has a life of approximately 15 years. This is however an ideal situation. During this lifetime there might be a few cases of leaks and moisture formation along the wall. These tell tale signs must be taken carefully in order to ensure that they don’t balloon into major causes of concern at a later date. Roofs are to be taken care of and treated like any other structure within a house. If a minor repair is not done promptly then it might lead to a situation where the entire roof might require replacement. Beware of such a situation as it is very damaging to your pocket as well as to your house.

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Our business located at 1593 S Mount Joy St, Elizabethtown, PA provides us with over 3100 square feet of showroom and warehouse space to help serve you, our Marietta clients, better. We will "walk you through the job" and provide a written proposal detailing the work to be performed and the payment schedule. We are members of the Better Business Bureau, Building Industry Association of Lancaster County & the Elizabethtown Chamber of Commerce. We have also been certified as a Recommended Roofer in Marietta and are happy to be Green Screened.

Marietta Roof Replacement

Our professional Marietta replacement roof contractors will give you an honest, professional, opinion of the condition of your roof. If you chose to have your roof replaced you will have the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a professionally installed replacement roof in Marietta.

Marietta Roof Repair

Did you know, in many instances, your roof can be repaired saving you thousands of dollars in needless expenses. But many Marietta roof repair contractor will tell you that a replacement is needed because they can charge you more money for a complete roof replacement. In fact, most roofing companies in the Marietta area don't even touch repairs. All they want to do is go around slapping new roofs on homes, many times carelessly, which can void your manufacturer's warranty.

Typical roof repair may involve a partial or complete replacement of existing underlayment, using ice and water shield, particularly on older and flatter sloped roofs.

Our roofing repair contractors have been with us for a long time, so their skills and workmanship satisfy our demand for quality installation and safety. We always aim to exceed industry standards with our attention to detail as we follow the manufacturer's specifications.

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